Fun Questions Game My Tutor Taught Me

Schools are ideally a place where they impart knowledge and mould young kids into better and more responsible young adults. It is an institution that gives out some precious knowledge in the form of various subjects including Science, Math, History, and Geography among others.

Children get to know and update their knowledge in all the fields. Apart from that most schools stress a lot of importance on the physical aspect of development as well. Children are introduced to various types of outdoor sports such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and many others. Many schools also offer activities like swimming, horse riding, and other such activities. The kind of sports different schools offer may vary but some amount of physical exertion is almost always involved.

Then again schools also press upon important values in children that help them to become more responsible and better human beings. They are taught essential learning of honesty, respecting elders, courtesy, social responsibilities, loyalty and many other such lessons that are important in life.

Other than that, in most public schools children meet other children coming from various levels of society. They learn to mingle with each other and work together as a team. In school, children are no more in the comfortable environment of their home with support of parents. And so they learn to deal with different situations on their own.

And then they have their share of fun at school too. Children often indulge in various fun games that help pass their time. Among all other games, the ‘would you rather questions are the most fun’.

This game involves asking various funny situational questions that are fun for the players as well as onlookers as well. Some of fun filled ‘Would you rather’ questions are as follows:

  • Would you rather stay sticky all your life or itchy?
  • Would you remain fat and friendly or slim and boring?
  • Would you rather stay poor with friends or rich and friendless?

These games are fun need no preparations and can be enjoyed by all ages.

An Easy Woodworking Project for Beginners

Woodworking is such an enjoyable craft if you like to be creative. A new woodworker may feel a little intimidated by their first project. Choose an easy woodworking project for beginners to overcome that feeling of intimidation and start building your skills.

I find such a sense of pride and accomplishment when I build a new project. Over the years I have built my skills to the point of being able to make fine furniture pieces. But I started out like any other woodworker, building simple projects. These easy projects helped me gain experience and work up to more complex projects.

One of the best projects for a beginning woodworker to start with is a footstool. Building a footstool will give you practice with basic woodworking skills. You will also feel pride every time you use this functional item, and you don’t even need the best skil saw in order to make it work out.

Building a footstool is a good project to begin with because the cuts are straightforward and do not require advanced skill. The joinery is usually simple butt joints that are reinforced with glue and nails or screws.

When you build your first footstool you can choose to build it from inexpensive pine lumber. By choosing pine for your footstool you will not be out much money if you make a mistake and have to cut a new part.

You can also find many free footstool plans with a quick Internet search. There are many woodworkers that have put up websites featuring their work. These woodworkers love to share their accomplishments and will explain how to build the projects on their website.

There are other ways that you can find footstool plans besides the free plans you may find on the Internet. Various woodworking magazines will feature a footstool plan from time to time. You can also search for footstool plans that you can buy on the Internet from reputable woodworking suppliers such as and

You may also find footstool plans or woodworking books at your local home store.

You will likely find that once you have built a footstool for your home and maybe a few to give to friends or family that others will want one too. You simply cannot buy a footstool that is as functional and attractive as what you will build yourself.

Footstools are just one of the many easy projects that a beginner can choose. When I am asked by others that are wanting to get into woodworking, this is the project that I suggest. Building a footstool will allow you to build basic skills and have a functional item that you will be proud of.

Effective Social Media In Education

Gone are those days when social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram were all used only for photo and video sharing. It is now the era of information and that too through all these social networking websites. When you can post photos and videos, why not some useful stuff? And it is this that brought a new face to the very popular social media. Yes, it is education that is making a great shift here. Now all the above-mentioned websites that were once upon a time used only for the entertainment factor is now being used for something useful and educative and this way the gamut of people that have entered this world of social networking has also increased. Yes, with education as one of the important things here, the entry for children and youngsters has been made simple.

With the help of social media websites, the trend of education and educating students has changed beyond imagination. Yes, now students have the opportunity to do their assignments online and they are also allowed to complete their work at leisure from home under the able guidance and support of their teachers. With this social media in education, they also get to have the views and suggestions of the other readers making their presentation a better and enhanced one. This trend of teaching through social media networks is gearing up speed and students are looking up at this as one of the most useful and informative things.

It is again not just educational stuff but also educational videos that get posted here. This might be a presentation or a project done by a student that is posted publicly for all the readers. Now, how do I get more hits on my video is a question in many. Simple; just share the same in the other related websites that are viewed by people interested in the same topic.

Fake Doctors Notes And The Law

Majority of the people who have been trying to take a break from their stressed life have started thinking of different options to do it. Where some people and students have shared fake emergency conditions at home, some of them have genuinely fallen sick so that they could get some time to relax and recuperate from the tensions. However, there are still many people who have found another way to avail leave from work or school in the most sure shot way. This is nothing else but providing a fake doctor’s note to the employer or teacher.

This idea of submitting a fake medical note in the Human Resource department has worked in favour of countless individuals. With the help of this, they have got opportunities to relax and spend quality time with their friends and family in between their hectic lives. However, one question that might trouble some of us here is whether using a fake doctor’s note is legal or not. Let’s find out.

Are fake doctor’s notes illegal?

You will find numerous people believe that using a doctor’s note for availing leave is an illegal process. However, the fact is that this is a wrong belief. All of us are totally allowed to present a medical officer’s note at our workplace or schoolin case we were not well and suffering with an ailment. These notes have been accepted by all the companies as this is the only way to prove why an employee or student was absent for a single or few days. However, remember that putting up a fake medical note can result into some problems at times if you do not fill it precisely. There are chances of you getting caught if the details mentioned in it look suspicious and wrong. This is why one has to ensure to go through different types of doctor’s notes before starting to create your own fake one.

We are one company that is popular to offer the most precise fake doctor’s note to our customers. This site has great doctors note templates and guides you perfectly to sail through this situation without getting caught.

Assistance At The Last Moment

A good and legally formed business is one that has all standards and policies in place and always tries to safeguard the employees from all possible problems. There are different policies and procedures for different common happenings in a business and in any of these, if an employee is involved, the business would try to inspect and analyze the situation and try to act fair in the proceedings. All these are possible without much time being wasted in the procedures because every business has all these in writings and can be used whenever necessary.

Similar to these there is also policies and procedure framed for the disbursement of the final and last payment that is paid to the employee at the time of his leaving the job. This might be a voluntary retirement or the company might push him to leave their premises for some good or bad reasons. In any which way, he becomes eligible to get the final payment on the same day or a period that he specifies for the payment to reach him. But there are few employers who might not be fair and legal in their actions and might take their sweet extended time in settling this amount. In such cases, you can always visit the employment laws website wherein every single rule regarding every single practice, including this final paycheck is given and you have the rights to even sue the company for unnecessary and intentional delay in making the payment.

There are many such websites that clearly describe what is to be done when there is a delay from the employer`s side and how to go about it when an employee delays in taking his payment. Personally, I got help here with my final paycheck and hence recommending the same to all those with problems in this area.